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"It was gonna take an act of God for me to make videos. You are a miracle worker! I'm excited to make videos now. Thank you." 😁😁 She made me laugh 😂! This was a serious real talk, feel good moment. Do you feel like Karla? You already know video marketing is SO important. But are you SO afraid of video that you haven't gotten around to really getting into video? I know some folks hate getting in front of the camera, I did. And that is exactly why 90% of the video techniques I shared inside the challenge show you easy ways to quickly create videos that will help promote your business without getting in front of the camera. By the way, that comment from Karla was shared inside this week's live webinar training for my video marketing challenge. Here's another one, so yesterday June told me when I told the circle I was going to show them how to make 90 videos in a few days, she was like "What! That's crazy. I don't know if I can do that." But guess what... now she is knocking them out. Regina just posted in our Facebook group that she is working on her own set of 90 videos too! If you can't imagine how you could think of, let alone create 90 videos... well that's exactly why you need to get in the challenge. I guarantee that I can show you SMART ways to create videos that you have never even thought about. My Fire Starters are buzzing with new content creation ideas that they can now use not just for video, but with other marketing channels too.You can watch the video marketing webinar replay plus enjoy all 15 days of the video marketing challenge by visiting (link in bio). And guess what there is an option to join my circle for 90 Days... I highly recommend you take it because next month we start a new challenge on CANVA! I am going to share SMART ways to create graphics, digital content and engaging conversations using canva. So if it would take an act of God himself to get you into video or even graphic design, let's change that together. It's time for your to join the social media revolution. Create more. Consume Less. That is the path of a successful entrepreneur. Get it. Got it. Good.