What are you Favorite Business Books and Mags?
[training] Periscopes, Promos, Profit Potential
Crazy Things Entrepreneurs Do: Who Are You Really Focusing On?
(video) 3 Great PayPal Features Every Entrepreneur Should Try
(48hrs) Web Biz Scopathon + Triple X Success Flash Sale
SistaSense May Mastermind in Jamaica! Are you in?
(video) 5 Steps to Fire Up Your Funds and Focus
(register) Triple X Success Virtual Weekend Workshop
Fatigue and Frustration to Fire and Focus
(video) Blogging For Business: New Year Smart Start Recommendations

What are you Favorite Business Books and Mags?

Sharing Favorite Biz Books and Mags


Today while hosting my Triple X Success Weekend Workshop, I decided to create and share this graphic with my Facebook Group the Power Circle (join here).

If you are a web entrepreneur who loves to ready business and/or tech books and magazines feel free to post some of your recommendations via the comment box below or inside our Facebook conversation.

Let me kick off this conversation with a few of my favorite reads:

The 4 Hour Work Week by Tim Ferriss is an oldie but goodie!
Happy Women Live Better By Valorie Burton for us highly driven, super serious women in business.

And right now I am indulging in a new productivity book, called Eat That Frog!: 21 Great Ways to Stop Procrastinating and Get More Done in Less Time.

I’d love to know what’s on your reading list. Feel free to share now.

[training] Periscopes, Promos, Profit Potential


What Are You Doing This Weekend?

Would you like to learn how to periscope your way to profits?
Would you like to see how I turn LPPs, info products and services into steady sales?
Would you like to create a working 90 day email promotion?
Would you like to participate in my 3K challenge?
Would you like to beef up your blogging skills and attract people online?

If your answer is Yes. Yes. Yes.

Join me inside my Triple X Success Two Day Virtual Workshop (this sat & sun). Sessions are webinar based, so you can participate wherever you are.

I will share my SistaSense Success Map with you
I will share my Periscope Profit and Sales Strategies with you
I will share my Client Attraction and Engaging Conversation Starters with You
I will share my 90 Day eMail Auto-Responder Setup System with you
I will share my 3K in 30 Days Challenge with you

Click here to register for Workshop + 6 Week Blogging Mastermind + Replays
Click here to register for Workshop + Replays
Click here to register for Workshop Replays Only

I’ve provided three budget friendly options for you to choose from, but live is honestly the best way to go. Take this weekend to get inside the Fire Starter Circle and not just learn, but implement too!

Get in to get things done. Think about how good its going to feel to finally do some of these things you’ve been thinking about and make some serious progress with your online projects.

And it gets better… you will also get access to my video training replays on how to create your own Custom Branded CDs. How does that sound?

Quick note if you will be joining us live:
Our weekend sessions will be held from 9am – 3pm EST each day with noon breaks.

Crazy Things Entrepreneurs Do: Who Are You Really Focusing On?


Today my day began with one powerful message:

Focus on Finding Your Fire Starters
Not the waiters or procrastinators who like what you’ve got but are never quite ready to get in.

First let that sink in…
A few weeks ago I shared my focus word for the new year is ‘Different‘.

This morning I took down practically ALL of my trainings and starter kits (an early spring cleaning of sorts) with only only 4 remaining for now (the last few are coming down in a few days too).

This is crazy. I know.
Who takes down offers?

I’ve always left ALL of them up there, waiting for you until you were ready for them.

But this year is all about doing things differently.

Truth Be Told
There will always be folks who tell you your stuff is GREAT and how much they can’t WAIT to participate! Then crickets… you eagerly await them, even find ways to accommodate them; pulling out your hair until that final moment when they fail to appear.

In Their Absence Let One Truth Become Crystal Clear
Business runs on action takers NOT active talkers.

Talkers seldom show up. Check the folks you find yourself listening to because breaking your back to please others back fires more often than many of us care to admit.

Commit to Focus on Finding Your Fire Starters
Everything has a season.

As a recovering ‘Over Accomodator’ I know this is the season to do things differently.

Sometimes its hard to set hard deadlines, take things down or even say ‘no’. But waiting for the waiters, delays ones ability to grow.

Different 2016 Has Begun
This year ….
I choose Action Takers over Active Talkers.
I choose to stop creating accommodations for those who continue to delay.
I choose to focus on finding ‘Doers’ while Firing Up the Doer inside of you!
I choose these three things, perhaps you should too.

Know that Opportunities Expire
I am truly sorry if you miss or missed out on the SistaSense goodies that are now gone, BUT if you are a fire starter ready to work with me – this is where we are:

The last Triple X Success Virtual Workshop is next weekend
Blogging for Business 2016 Mastermind is Happening Now
Registration for Sweet Retreats Ends in One Week

In a few days these links will be gone too.

We are one day away from the second month of this new year.

Time waits for no one, which means waiting is no longer an option.

Let’s not spend this year focused on folks who aren’t quite ready to tap into their greatness.

Focus on Finding Your Fire Starters

Focus on Firing Up the Fire Starter In you.

This my plan. Hopefully it inspires you to continue working on yours (smile).

To your continued success,

LaShanda H.

(video) 3 Great PayPal Features Every Entrepreneur Should Try

If you use PayPal to handle your online invoicing and sales transactions, today I’d like to share 3 essential Paypal features worth setting up and/or checking.

#1 – Upgrade to a Business Account, so you can take advantage of PayPal’s extensive collection of payment tools for entrepreneurs and business owners.

#2 – Get Your own PayPal.Me link; its a personal link that you can quickly share with anyone so they can send money to your PayPal account in seconds.

#3 – Check Your PayPal reports to track your annual and monthly financial summaries; this is a great way to manage your funds and be mindful of your slow / peak periods along with your best selling offers.

Enjoy the video above and be sure to watch my Triple X Success Virtual Workshop for an extended list of PayPal features you should try along with SistaSense marketing and sales solutions.

(48hrs) Web Biz Scopathon + Triple X Success Flash Sale


I LOVE the Weekends!

Its a great time to hang out with the family and find time to strategically work on my web biz.

For the next 48hrs I’ve got two great things to share with you:
1 – Smart Ways to Work on Your Web Business Tips and Tools Scopation
2 – Triple X Your 2016 Success – 48 Hr Flash Sale

I hope you enjoy these. I’m excited to jump on a few scopes this weekend.

My first scope starts at 10:30 EST.

I will be sharing Smart Start – Blogging / Sales / Marketing strategies.

Reply back if you have questions or just want to say hi.

And remember the Triple X Success Virtual weekend workshop is in two weeks!

Stay warm (smile),

LaShanda H aka SistaSense

SistaSense May Mastermind in Jamaica! Are you in?

Join me and 7 other amazing women for a once in a lifetime experience.You are going to get seriously pampered inside my private villa all while learning how to up-level your success SistaSense style. Reap the rewards of your labor as we ourselves in the best Caribbean cuisine, shopping excursions, and memorable island activities we’ll experience together! Plus I prepared several special mastermind sessions for you. I want to share with you the strategies that I use to consistently increase my progress and profit potential each year, so that you can do the same.

Details and Registration Information: http://sweetretreats.me

Business and Bonding… that’s what Sweet Retreats 16 is all about. Leave a comment or email me if you have any questions.

(video) 5 Steps to Fire Up Your Funds and Focus

Today let’s talk about smart ways to fire up your funds and your focus this year! I want to share my latest #FireAndFocus periscope session with you, in which we talk about 5 Steps … Essential clarity questions you need to ask yourself if you want to seriously work on your web vision and make things happen.

Step #1: Ask Yourself What you want to Learn?
In my first few years as a web designer, a barely charged $100 for projects because I was afraid. I didn’t know how to do certain things like setting up eCommerce stores, so I significantly reduced my prices. Over the years I’ve learned how to build eCommerce stores, custom wordpress websites, landing pages, membership sites and more. Expanding my skill set has helped me to generate thousands of dollars in revenue each month. Not to mention the fact that last year, among other things I liked how to use periscope to market my business, which helped to bring in at minimum $100-300 in extra sales every time I teach a live stream session.

The more you know the more you AND your business can grow (period).

Inside my Triple X Success workshop (catch virtual here), I teach aspiring web entrepreneurs how to increase sales, set up their own stores and create working auto-responders to build their lists. Think about those things you want and need to learn this year to make your business better.

Step #2: Ask Yourself What Do you Want to Create?
One SistaSense Motto that I would like to share with you is this, “Learn How to Create With Intention.”

Each year I intentionally work on making my signature offers better while creating new offers like: virtual training programs, VIP Services and physical products to better serve the entrepreneurs that I aim to reach. Last year among my best selling new offers, were the SistaSense CD Starter Kits, like the Get Paid to Teach Series. As a matter of fact, during my live Triple X Success workshop in North Carlina, attendees participated in a ‘Create with Intention’ intensive in which they prepped, packaged and self-published their own CD.

Ask yourself, what offers do you want to create this year. Then create a calendar of your tasks and stick to it! I would love to tell you all about 7 Key Essentials to Triple X Your Success this year, so you can begin creating with intention. Join us inside the virtual Triple X Success Workshop to discover my process and work on yours.

Step #3: Ask Yourself Who Do you want to Reach?
There are millions of entrepreneurs in this world, but I personally enjoy working with web women entrepreneurs who have a passion for creating information-focused products and services. The clearer you become about who you want to reach online, the better chances you have of actually reaching them. In addition to the workshop, this year I have also launched Triple X Success Digital Content Development Solutions, the SistaSense Inner Circle and our upcoming SweetRetreats Mastermind in Montego Bay Jamaica, because each of these offers aim to meet the growing needs of the entrepreneurs that I serve. Listen to your clients. Take a good look at your customers. Define your ideal target person. Wash, rinse and repeat this process until you become crystal clear about who you want to reach. Inside of the Triple X Success Workshop we can start by working on your customer base and community building efforts.

Step #4: Ask Yourself How Much do you want to Make?
When it comes to revenue goals, you have the ‘Feel Good’ amount that you dream of making and the ‘Real Good’ amount that you can realistically reach. Inside Triple X Success we combine the two, so you can take a look what I like to call your “Money Markers”, the amount of money you’d like to make compared to the offers you sell, your prices and the number of items you can realistically sell each month. Whether you have dreams of reaching the 4 figure, 5 figure, or 6 figure mark each month, you have to take a step back and have a clear view of all that you provide in your business. You can’t just simply put stuff out there and hope that eventually things will fall into place and you’ll make the can’t of money you want to make.

Take these words to heart: “I used to thing life had a plan for me, until I realized it had to be planed by me.” One of my first SistaSense systems revolves around the importance of planning if you want to make a profit. So stop working harder and start working smarter, but taking more time out of your schedule to not simply dream about six figures, but create a solid plan of action.

Step #5: Ask Yourself What Do you want to Sell?
When it comes to firing up my funds I focus on two main types of offers, “My Clearly Defined Signature Packages” and a few “New Annual Offers to better serve my community”. Beyond what you can create, think about what you want to focus on selling. Clarity Calls, Jumpstart Your Business, and the 5 Page Web Package, are some of my best clearly defined signature offers that sell well for me each year. The Inner Circle and SweetRetreats and the 28 Day Challenge are new offers that I focus on selling to reach new clients while better serving my best clients.

Take may advice, if you want to increase your sales you have to get better at selling. Success starts with having a clear understand of who you want to reach and why they should need/want to buy your offers.

Are you now ready to get fired up and focused?

Asking these questions of myself has allowed me to consistently increase my revenue and sales each year. I’d like to help you do the same. Inside of my Triple X Success virtual workshop, together let’s work on your own success map, offers, sales strategies, blogging for business techniques and more. Click here for more details.

(register) Triple X Success Virtual Weekend Workshop

This year I am all about showing webpreneurs how to Triple X Success, which is basically my system (aka lessons learned on) how to triple your revenue, get things done three times faster and optimize your ability to achieve your web business goals.

In case you missed my live workshop here in NC Triple X Success, I am hosting sessions 2/6-2/7 just for you!

Triple X Success (register here)
Virtual Weekend Workshop 02/6-7/2016
Learn How to Triple Your Revenue
Get Things Done Three Times Faster
Tap into the SistaSense 3K Challenge

Create Your Success Map Intensive
Stop spinning your wheels trying to figure out how to make things happen. Get focused and fired up by creating a clear, easy to follow success map for your sales and business projects this year.

We will cover:
TXS Your Core & Customer Base
TXS Your Cashflow & Sales
TXS Your Funds, Rates & Return

Blogging for Business Intensive
Let’s work on your blog content, client attraction, community building and cashflow boosting skills together.

We will cover:
Beef up Your Blog: Signups & Sales
Speak up: Boost Buzz & Engagement
Keep up: List Building & Email Marketing
Create Your Own 90 Day Newsletter

Inside the 3K Challenge
I want to take you inside my startup story and show you how I went from making my first steady 3K per month online to learning how to bring in an extra 3K as you work your way towards building your own 5 Figure, 6 Figure or 7 Figure business online.

We will cover:
Learn the SistaSense 10 Tens System
Try the Extra $3k in 30 Days Project
Discover 10 Ways to Market Offers

BONUS #1 & #2:
Access to All Session Replays
SistaSense Fire and Focus Magazine Issue

Blogging for Business 6Week Mastermind
Access to all Blogging Replays

Payment Options: Full Payment OR 3 Part Payment Plan

If you’d like access to both the workshop and the blogging mastermind – you can get them as a GIFT – if you register for my SweetRetreats Jamaica Retreat by 1/24/16 – reserve your seat before it’s gone. Sign up now, so you don’t miss the live sessions.

Remember what ever you choose, you will get access to the replays in case you miss anything.

To your continued success. -LaShanda H.

Fatigue and Frustration to Fire and Focus

I entered last year ready to take on the world. As is the case with every year, God provided me with a very clear sense of purpose, “Inspire other women to feel Fierce, Focused, and Fired Up!” With that vision, I hosted my annual NC Weekend workshop in January and committed myself to leading one FireStarter Circle Mastermind every quarter. It all seemed like it was going great, until February came and I fell into a rut. In between all the new business and buzz I felt drained. For weeks I struggled to get through my daily projects or even get out of bed. There were days that I felt overwhelmed by everything and too tired to do anything. But I worked through it until I got through it. This is my story of fatigue and frustration turned into fire and focus.

I admit, I struggle to stay on top of my diabetes. Eventually I got tired of being tired and pushed myself to get back on track. At the same time I took my fare share of relax and reflection days to both disconnect from the web world and reconnect with those things that I genuinely enjoyed. As a result my web work started to pile up a bit, but it was worth it because I needed that time to figure me out. At some point I found myself writing again, which lead to the creation of my StartHerUp Guide and inclusion in the anthology, “When Women Become Business Owners.” Outside of working on other people’s web businesses, I took the time to really think about my own business – the things that I found frustrating vs those things that filled me with fire and focus.

By April I was ready to spring back into action. I started asking my SistaSense community questions like, “Are you tired of being tired? Do you feel drained; caught between all the things that you want to do, need to do and can’t seem to find the time to do?” Talking to myself out loud, my motivational videos and calls at that time were about learning from these personal frustrations and encouraging others to power through what they were going through.

When I really looked at the source of my fatigue and frustration, it was a combination of my health issues and honestly feeling like all that new web work was taking me away from what I wanted to do. I wanted to teach more, spend less time working strictly on web design projects and triple my revenue. These goals ultimately lead me to make some very bold business moves. By the summer I realized that I needed to shut down a few things to fire up others.

I closed my web design services, launched my VIP Development program and found myself feeling like me again. Getting back into creation mode I discovered even smarter ways to make more doing fewer projects while creating awesome LPPs (low price point products) . By end of summer, early fall I launched my new SistaSense CD Starter Kits, completed 3 masterminds, attended several speaking engagements and wrapped up my projects for my first VIP clients. Sales are now better than ever and I honestly feel like things are just getting fired up.

This is my story and guess what? I am you. I get tired. I get frustrated. I have days when I question why I do what I do and if I want to keep going. Through it all I just keep telling myself the only way I can fail is if I quit. I don’t stop, I can’t stop. For me broke is not an option, but I do take breaks to recharge myself and redefine my vision. I encourage you to do the same. Life is challenging for all of us. Regardless of who you are, where you are and what’s going on, continue to power through to your best you. It’s all about that fire and focus …. for real!

Featured in the Fire and Focus Issue of SistaSense Magazine (review, download or order print issue here).

(video) Blogging For Business: New Year Smart Start Recommendations

When it comes to blogging for business you have to work on creating better blog content and developing better business ‘marketing and sales’ skills. Inside today’s video I share a few new year, smart start recommendations to help you do both.


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